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My Favorite Apps for Leaders in 2019

by Josh Breland

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Your effectiveness as a leader can often be tied to the effectiveness of your tools. Below are my favorite apps for leaders in 2019.

Get Things Done

Leaders get things done. With Todoist you can keep a simple and clean to-do list that syncs across all your devices. While there are many options out there for to-do apps, I recommend you give Todoist a try.


Plan Visually

Let?s face it, every leader can get better at planning. With mind maps, you can visually plan any project, build an org. chart, or easily create your next flow chart. I have used SimpleMind for a few years and love the simplicity.


Write For Clarity

iA Writer helps you write for clarity with a distraction free user experience. I am currently writing this blog post with the program. It gives me a clean blank single column canvas to simply write without distraction (even as two of my kids are tapping my leg trying to get my attention right now).


Leaders Are Readers

The best leaders are constant learners and consistent reading is how you learn, well, consistently. Two apps to help you read more in 2019 are the Kindle App and HiBooks.

The Kindle app needs no introduction. Easily read ebooks from your collection across all devices. You can takes notes, highlight, and search your books as well.
HiBooks is a San Francisco startup with the goal of bringing unlimited audio books to the masses with a single low-cost monthly subscription. I have been a big fan of this app over the past year.


Habits Create the Life You Want (or don’t want)

My life changed dramatically (and positively) in 2018 in large part due to focusing on rhythms and habits. With Habitify, you can create, track, and watch the stats on your own habits. Habits create the life you want (or don’t want). Using a daily app like Habitify will give you an edge to stay the course and create the life you really want.


Joshua Breland

Joshua Breland is the VP, Growth at Anedot and has learned diverse leadership lessons as a combat arms soldier, entrepreneur, and dad to three girls.


Jan 1, 2019

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