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7 Quotes From Free to Focus by Michael Hyatt

by Josh Breland

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free to focus quotes book by michael hyattOne of my favorite books of 2019 was Michael Hyatt’s productivity book and system Free to Focus. My team read this together, and all of us came to the book with our wants and unique suspicions. By the end of the book, we all had helpful takeaways that will change the way we work in 2020. Below are a few quotes from Free to Focus.


Free to Focus Quotes


Rethink the Whole Productivity Model

Today we have amazing variety in our tasks and we contribute to the bottom line with new and significant projects, not small improvements on existing processes. And that’s the root of the problem. By approaching productivity with the old mindset, we invite the burnout we’re trying to avoid and fail to reach our true potential. No one can keep up with the Red Queen. And running faster doesn’t help if you’re pointed in the wrong direction. It’s time to rethink the whole model. (p. 18)

The Better Question

…the important question is not, Can I do this job faster, easier, and cheaper? It’s, Should I be doing this job at all? Getting clear on that question is more important now than ever, as technology gives us unprecedented access to information, other people, and, of course, our work. (p. 29)

Productivity and Freedom

…productivity should free you to pursue what’s most important to you. The goal, the true objective of productivity, should be freedom. (p. 33)


Our brains aren’t designed to run nonstop. When we drop things into neutral, ideas flow on their own, memories sort themselves out, and we give ourselves a chance to rest. If you think about it, most of your breakthrough ideas in your business or personal life come when you’re relaxed enough to let your mind wander. Creativity depends on times of disengagement, which means doing nothing from time to time is a competitive advantage. (p. 37)

Productivity Can Be Learned

The people you admire most in the world, the people who are achieving great things, were not born with superhuman abilities. They simply found a way to develop their own potential—and you can too. If you fall victim to this limiting belief, replace it with this liberating truth: Productivity is a skill I can develop. (pp. 60-61)

Productivity Mindset

I wish I had a nickel for every time someone excused their lack of productivity by saying, “I tried that before, and it didn’t work.” That is definitely not the mantra of high-achievers. In fact, high-achievers never give up simply because one solution failed. Instead, they keep looking for what will work, and they don’t stop until they find it. (p. 61)

Abundance Mindset

Too often, we operate with a scarcity mentality that drives us to hold on to things we should abandon simply because we’re afraid another opportunity won’t come along. Hear me on this: we live in a world of outrageous abundance. The longer I’ve lived, the more I’ve discovered this to be true. (pp. 99-100)

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Joshua Breland

Joshua Breland is the VP, Growth at Anedot and has learned diverse leadership lessons as a combat arms soldier, entrepreneur, and dad to three girls.


Dec 24, 2019

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